About Us

About Us

Here at Cyber Garage we are definitely in the trenches with our body shop partners, and we are aware of the issues “Facing the body shop industry”. So, we have taken action! By building into the software solutions for every day issues.

Who We Are

Message from founder

Hello my name is Robert Williams and I have been in the collision repair industry for over 35 years and loved everything about this industry.

My body shop was started in 1986 in Fresno California

And I ran my company’s day to day operations until the day I sold my company.

Now I started on a new adventure in the industry I care so much about.

I would like to introduce you to the Cyber Garage Collision Repair Management System that my team and I developed.

When we set out to create a management system, we knew it had to be simple to use and made sense to the end-user.

We knew it had to have an intuitive interface, for ease of use.

The software had to be uniquely different and simplistic to use than all the other management software systems in the market place and we have accomplished that.

Thus, it needed it to be at a cost that didn’t break the bank with unlimited users.

What makes Cyber Garage different from all the  other software companies in the marketplace is that we build custom solutions to meet your body shop’s individual needs.

A tall order even for me who is not afraid to tackle any challenge.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

-Robert Williams

What We Do

Here at Cyber Garage we have carved a unique niche for ourselves in providing the collision repair industry a powerful software application that brings real-time solutions to everyday challenges.

By providing focused web-enabled software that leverages the empowering effect of cloud computing

Building a management system requires a deliberate exercise of willpower. Cyber Garage believes in making user-friendly platforms with swift navigation that keeps the user more engaged and productive.

How We Work

Cyber Garage, LCC, provides platforms that focus on the customer relationship to produce the best experience for your clients. This, in turn, build respect and integrity for shops, that depend on Cyber Garage to help manage their systems.

Our work is steady, and so is our concepts. Cyber Garage places more emphasis on communication and collaboration, without ignoring the dynamic challenges our customers face. Customers can provide a review in real-time before the work process stops.

At Cyber Garage, a contract isn’t our way!

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