About Us

About Cyber Garage

We offer dependable software management tools that are specifically tailored to body shops in the collision repair industry. Our real-time solutions save your team time and

headaches, so you can keep doing what you do best— streamlining your productivity

and growing your bottom line.


Facing Every Day Challenges

Our powerful application was designed from the ground up to suit collision repair

businesses— a sector we know intimately. Tackling the very issues body shops face on

a daily basis, our management system platform is always user-friendly, swift to

navigate, and will keep your team more engaged and productive.

Supercharge Your Reputation

Cyber Garage founder Robert Williams has worked in the collision repair industry for

over 35 years— starting his own body shop in CA (1986).

Customer retention and brand loyalty make all the difference, and we know it. That’s

why our software tools make it easy and simple to keep in contact so your business

can fully support its clients.

We love building up the body shops we work so closely with. Our customers see a

boost in trust within their own local community.