Body Shops Employee Performance Dashboard

A great employee dashboard should be simple to use and easy to understand with Real time business intelligence to turn data into action. Being able to measure effectiveness and efficiency is critical in today’s body shop environment.

Dashboards provide a platform to do that and to share the data as well. The company can measure the effectiveness of recruitment processes or assess trends as part of its workforce planning activities and easily report to management.

A visually engaging way to track vital data, HR dashboards add value by measuring progress, building relationships, and working to build a company’s culture and support.

Real time business intelligence to turn data into action Driving Decision Making.

Identify trends and understand challenges and opportunities based on continually live data that you can share with management.

Cyber Garage helps body shops users identify advantages, risks, and opportunities while providing an engine for collaboration along the distributed supply chain.

Human resources (HR) dashboards aggregate and present employee data in a meaningful way, and are designed to help make the most of everyone’s time, both within the HR team and throughout the entire body shops organization. As a visual display of key metrics, HR dashboards simplify information gathering, and present data in a way that can be sorted, analyzed, and presented to management team.

Dashboards are also an efficient way to communicate with staff and stay abreast of what’s happening in your body shop in real time.

Through the use of technology, HR is now able to take advantage of real time and big data,” says HR Answerbox’s Haddaway. “This data can tell a story about trends that occur in the entire employment lifecycle — from initial recruitment through employment and eventually, separation from the organization. I think of metrics as one data point and analytics as the intersection of multiple data points. I’m seeing some organizations starting to do really sophisticated analysis on the data they are collecting from the micro to the macro level.


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