Is Your Body Shop Tracking Customer Satisfaction?

Is Your Body Shop Tracking Customer Satisfaction?

The importance of tracking customer satisfaction cannot and should not be overemphasized as it contributes hugely to the success (or not) of any business. It builds customer loyalty and it even helps your business to stand out from your competitors. In the Collision repair industry to be precise, you want to make sure that your customers not only get their automobile problems fixed, they’re also well informed of the repair status while it’s in your facility.
To provide good customer service, you have to try to see things from the customer’s angle. For example, in your autobody shop’s service department, you may be working really hard behind the scenes, in a bid to solve your customers’ problems, but of course, they can’t see all the work being put in and so, the chances that they would appreciate it is very slim.
Why Should You Track Customers’ Satisfaction?
– Yields an increase in revenue: Yes, happy and satisfied customers do not keep their pleasant experiences with your brand to themselves. Word gets out and I sure want whatever words are being said are about your brand are positive ones.
– Brand loyalty: Tracking customer satisfaction means that you prioritize the satisfaction of your customers and there’s no reason why a satisfied customer would be employing the services of another collision repair facility.
How then can your collision repair facility work to boost customers satisfaction?
Important Tips on Improving Customers’ Satisfaction
If you’ve tracked customers’ satisfaction, you sure want to improve it. There are various ways to boost the satisfaction of your customers. Some of them often requires that a lot of resources are put in while others do not require as much.
1. Give your customers update status reports: Keeping your customers aware of what is going on always has a very high impact on their experience. This is better than maintaining a radio silence all through the time that they are consulting your service. As long as the customer knows that you have received their inquiry and you are working hard to solve it, the customer will be very pleased. The reason for this is not far fetched: if the customer is made to understand that you’re

working really hard trying to fix the problem, then the customers will be rest assured that they will be getting their money’s worth.
2. Have fair response durations: Imagine a scenario where the customer contacts your business either via text or email and they do not get any response to indicate that the message has been successfully received for several days, that customer is going to have the impression that you do not take them seriously. Although studies show that as long as your response times are not too far apart from when they contact you, customers do not mind, it sure pays to be on the safer side and let your customers know that their inquiry or problem is being sorted out.
3. Make use of a management system: Another way of keeping your customers satisfied and in the know is by making use of a management system service that acknowledges the inquiry and does so by sending an email or text immediately. This might seem somewhat trivial to you but for a customer, knowing that the message has been received and acknowledged is definitely not trivial.
4. Give reasons for any form of delay: In a situation where you would have to make certain external checks and calls before you can respond which in most cases often takes a couple of days, you shouldn’t keep this information from your customer as that could be quite frustrating. To prevent the customer from equating this to poor quality service, simply contact him or her and give them a status update report. With this, their mind is at rest, and in the long run, they are more satisfied with your service delivery. Also, they wouldn’t be left in the dark and that definitely counts as something.

Getting a hang of how to make your customers satisfied can have you convert regular customers to loyal ambassadors of your collision center. When this happens, it can only get better from there as satisfied customers would definitely do a lot of referrals and before you know it, your collision center would significantly stand out from the others.

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