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Not All Collision Repair Management Systems Are Created Equal!

Cyber Garage collision repair management software for as little as $6.30 a day

Mobile Apps? Managed Software? Cloud Solutions? — Is it for you?

More and more new technology becomes available constantly promising to take your business to the next level. But do you really need the latest virtual business management tools, scheduling software, and customer applications to run a successful repair shop?

NO, you don’t!

As a collision repair or body shop, you only need software solutions that actually adds value to your customers, your team and (of course) your bottom line.

We at Cyber Garage LLC provide you with ONE solution tailored to your needs. So, you don’t have to waste time OR money on applications and software you don’t need. E.g.:

If your customers expect immediate communication, we design a solution that give them that, without taking up more of your staff’s time. Actually, a well-designed solution will save your team time on customer contact.

If your team needs access to information while working in the shop, instead of heading back to the office, we make your solution cloud-based. Now your team has all essential information ready at hand at any time, and anywhere!

If you want to keep your customers engaged with mobile application, user-friendly platforms and swift navigation. And leverage the latest technology to keep an edge over your competitors. Keep on reading — or schedule a demo now.


What Repair Shop Management Software is and WHY you need it

As an automotive and collision repair shop you collect tons of information about your customers, staff, operations, inventory, vehicle process… And the list goes on. All this information (or raw data) is a valuable resource that you could be using to:

–  Set your shop apart from you competitors

–  Improve your customer service

–  Increase your teams’ productivity and satisfaction with their work

–  Improve your sales and conversion rates

–  And much more…

But the reality is that most repair shops fail to get these benefits, because managing this kind of information gets too technical.

Our Garage Management Software collects all the information and turns it into simple to understand, practical reports that your team and management can use in their day-to-day work.

Sounds complicated? Well, it isn’t!

The software automatically collects, analyzes, and summarizes all the available information into a format that is relevant and ready-to-use for your staff on the floor or your management. It makes your life easier by giving you exactly the information you need — when you need it — saving you time having to find and sort through a large amount of data yourself.

At Cyber Garage LLC, we specialize exclusively on providing web-enabled software applications for the collision industry. That means that you get a solution tailored to your work in your industry. Or in other words, a practical tool to keep track of your daily activities, incl.:

–  Inventory control

–  Material use

–  Sales figures

–  Customer support

About Cyber Garage LLC.

Cyber Garage LLC is a provider of managed technology and software solutions for the collision repair sector. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the latest technology for solving industry specific challenges, and keeping up with customer’s and insurance companies’ demands.

Our team has over 40 years of experience working in the collision repair industry, so we know better than any other technology provider what your repair shop needs. That’s why our motto is:

“If it doesn’t work for you, then you shouldn’t have to pay for it!”

Have we peaked your interest? Then schedule a demonstration to find out how what we can do for your business.