The Power Hour

I believe after working in a Collision repair center for forty plus years the most productive hour is the first one “The Power Hour”

This is a fact that most people tend to overlook interruptions in their day to day activities, leading to loss of valuable time. This leads to the idea of the Power Hour which is being utilized by business owners and people who tend to work with time as a major factor.

Utilizing the Power Hour
When starting your day, you have a choice about how to control your day and its turnout or you can let chaos just simply take over.

Here is what I mean, Mrs. Jones wants to know if her car will be ready today, The Rental company is on the line and wants repair status updates on three cars, the insurance company is wanting to know why they have not received the estimates and photos for Bob Williams 2017 Ford Mustang, technicians needing to talk to you about an estimator who cannot write an estimate to save their life.

These are just a few samples of how a day can start, or you can have another solution such as using the Power Hour step by step plan on how to deal with incoming mortars and grenades raining in from every direction.

The Power Hour can provide results depending on the various methods and ways through which you apply it.

Let’s say ” Revising production list, scheduling phone calls, sending out e-mails and text messages to update customers “. You may even have issues ranging from what cars are scheduled to leave on a specific day, or an issue that has to be settled that exact moment, or the fact that that you need to know if the paperwork of a specific vehicle is ahead of the car. This is some of the few tasks you might to deal with and if neglected might prove daunting in the long run.

Have you ever considered how many of your work hours are being wasted on doing many tasks at the same time and refocusing your attention after every interruption by phone calls, or technicians that need to let you know about a supplement, or just maybe small talks?.

These factors are part of the issues that eat into our work time, thereby leading to a reduced level of productivity. It is a well-known fact that it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to refocus on a task. Now, imagine you have been distracted a total of 5 times daily, putting into consideration the time it takes to regain focus on the task at hand. This momentary distraction results in hundreds of hours being wasted every year

A large number of shop owners and managers have to replace their everyday routine with weekly work plans. The reason is that they are able to plan more efficiently and spend fewer time on focusing after you have been distracted.

How the Power Hour Plan works
Power Hour planning relies on the perspective and control it provides for your work. This plan allows you to set aside an hour each morning which is not that much, but it yields a high return on investment which turns out to be phenomenal.

Visualizing your whole week’s workload at once, allows you to spread out and prioritize work in a way that significantly increases what you can carry out. It also gives you an opportunity to align your day to day and often trivial tasks along with your long term plans and goals. As a result, you can organize the tactics and logistics to make your long term visions a reality in a more strategized and articulate way.

In all aspects, weekly planning gets you more work done especially when applied with the Power Hour plan
Utilizing the Power hour technique gives a boost to the way your work time is being spent and task completed. You can be assured of a thoroughly working stratagem even in your absence.

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