Cyber Garage Collision Repair Management System

Built specifically for the collision repair industry.

Cyber Garage Drives Innovation across Your Entire Collision Repair Business.

At Cyber Garage, we've established a distinctive presence in the Collision repair industry through our innovative software application, which delivers real-time solutions to common challenges.

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A Powerful User-Friendly Dashboard

Provides employees with a visual overview of all ongoing repair tasks and their respective current progress statuses.

  • 1,Provides Customer name and job number.
  • 7, Insurance Company's Handling The Claim
  • 2, Signed Repair Authorizations Icons
  • 8, The Estimators Name
  • 3, Last In Process Photo Taken.
  • 9, Estimating System being used By Shop.
  • 4, Total Estimate Amount.
  • 10,Vehicle drop-off date, and scheduled delivery date.
  • 5, Current Repair Status With Time Stamp.
  • 11, Number of parts Ordered
  • 6, Year Make And Model.
  • 12, Number of parts Received
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"Cyber Garage: Revolutionizing Accounting with Seamless QuickBooks Integration"

Cyber Garage offers a smooth integration with QuickBooks, streamlining your accounting processes. With this integration, you no longer need to spend extra time manually entering customer invoices. Cyber Garage enables you to easily post customer invoices, handle payments, and record supplier invoices directly into QuickBooks. This efficient workflow simplifies your accounting tasks, requiring just a few clicks and eliminating redundant data entry. Click the image to enlarge.

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Cyber Garage’s Apps Are A Game Changer!

Mobile applications have become a vital medium for businesses to connect with their desired customer base. Given that the vast majority of adults globally own smartphones, and the numbers keep rising, this presents a compelling case for body shops to invest in mobile app technology. By adopting this approach, body shops can distinguish themselves from other collision repair centers, gaining a competitive advantage. Embrace progress and position your company at the forefront of innovation with Cyber Garage Software Management Systems, a pioneer in developing mobile apps for body shops.

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"Cyber Garage Understands the Challenge of Dealing with Non-Returnable Parts from Suppliers and Offers a Solution."

Does your shop struggle with excess parts from suppliers that can't be returned? Are you forced to store these parts, hoping to use them in future jobs? The challenge often lies in remembering that you have these parts when a suitable job comes along. Maybe you're relying on spreadsheets or your memory to track inventory. Cyber Garage offers a solution to this problem. When you return parts through Cyber Garage, the system keeps track of your inventory. In the future, when a job requires specific parts, the system will notify you if you already have them in stock. This eliminates the need for spreadsheets and the hassle of trying to remember your inventory. Cyber Garage is the solution to your parts management needs. Click the image to enlarge.

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Cyber Garage Customer Portal Sets A New Standard.

The Cyber Garage Customer Portal stands out as a premier feature, unmatched by any other management system available today. This portal serves as the central hub for tracking the progress of customers' jobs. It offers a comprehensive view where users can easily monitor various aspects of a job at a glance. Key features include the ability to check the current repair status, track the cycle time, and view the status of parts. It also displays which employees are assigned to the job, provides updates on the current timeline, and shows which parts have been ordered and received. Additionally, users can access all notifications related to the job. This intuitive and detailed overview enables users to swiftly identify and implement any necessary adjustments to keep the job on track. Click the image to enlarge.


Cyber Garage's Production Board

The Cyber Garage production board is a workflow management tool designed for production environments.

It features a Kanban-style interface that allows production managers to easily drag and drop tasks through different stages of production. The board facilitates task assignment to technicians, provides detailed job information including parts, estimates, and repair notes, and employs a color-coding system for quick parts status identification. Jobs can be organized by priority, ensuring timely attention to critical tasks. Additionally, the board includes a workforce attendance tracking feature, displaying technician photos to show who is present. This tool aims to streamline management processes and improve efficiency and responsiveness on the production floor. Click the image to enlarge.


What We Offer

  • User friendly dashboard
  • Employee Time Clock
  • Job Costing Platform
  • Send Text Messages
  • KPI Reports
  • Send Emails
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Scheduled Customer
  • MSO Integrations
  • Customer Search
  • Accounts Receivables
  • And Much More!