Cyber Garage Collision Repair Management System Drives Innovation Across Your Entire Body Shop Business!


At Cyber Garage our motto is, if it doesn’t WORK for you then you shouldn’t have to pay for it!
Welcome and thank you for stopping by. Here at cyber garage we have carved a unique niche for ourselves in providing the collision repair industry a powerful software application that brings real time solutions to every day challenges.


  • The mobile apps are included in the management system
  • The image of the Admin App is clickable
  • The Coolest navigating platform
  • Photo list of all vehicles in process and their status
  • The flexibility to scan the barcode and update customers
  • The ability to view parts status & the latest photo taken
  • Send invoices to the RO in seconds saving scan time
  • Change vehicle status on the fly in real time
  • View employee messages & supplement request plus supplement photos
  • View customer messages from the customer app
  • The ability to order receive & return parts from the app
  • From the parts activity screen: view parts received, parts returned & voided parts
  • The ability to E sign all necessary authorizations
  • View all payments made by customer.
  • View all timeline notifications
  • Scan paint materials from consignment cabinet
    And so much more….

The Cyber Garage: Technician APP Is A Game Changer!

  • The image of the Tech App is clickable
  • Apple & Android devices
  • Clock in & out of work from your phone
  • Clock in & out of Jobs while updating repair status
  • Send & receive messages from estimators or admin
  • Photo list of all vehicles in process and their status
  • Ability to create supplement notes & take photos
  • Order paint and body shop supplies from your phone
  • Scan paint materials from consignment cabinet

The customer App brings a big punch! To the collision repair industry

  • The image of the customer App is clickable
  • Cyber Garage customer app focuses on customer service and transparency
  • View in process photos and videos in real time
  • Real time updated status from every production stage
  • The ability to rate a shop while it is still in process
  • View all messages coming from the repair facility
  • View estimates with a click
  • The ability to sign all repair authorizations from the app

Cyber Garage offers America’s best collision repair management software at rates 20-35% less than the competition.

All The Features You Need in Repair Shop Management Software

No contract! our motto is if it doesn’t work for you then you shouldn’t have to pay for it!

Cyber Garage LLC Technologies Company. exists to empower our collision…

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repair clients with the latest technology in the industry that creates meaningful social impact in their Shops. Our clients utilize Cyber Garage management systems passion & expertise in custom software development to create solutions that bring positive change in a chaos environment

Too often, software gets built by programmers that really have …

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no clue about the collision repair industry. So, what happens is a software system that only meets the needs of the lowest common denominator. As a result, you, the user, have software that does 60-percent of what you need it to do and spend most of your time cursing the fact that it doesn’t do a bit of good on the other 40-percent of your needs.

Cyber Garage Drives efficiency and profitability across your entire business

We Build software to improve your business

A complete solution developed to streamline operations and improve real time decision-making.

Industry experts committed to helping you improve business performance.

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