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Not All Collision Repair Management Systems Are Created Equal
Is there no management system in place at your collision center?


Not all collision repair management systems are created equal

Auto repair businesses need management systems in place to best serve their customers and provide efficient services to ensure the success of their business. Especially in these highly competitive times when most potential customers have smart phones and can access information quickly about your shop’s reviews and ratings, you want to do everything you can to beat out the competition. No matter how small or large, every business needs a reliable and efficient electronic records management system.

Businesses have become more complex than they once were, and as a result, if you want to stay in business and compete in the market, you need a capable and modern management system. Additionally, in today's market, the price of management systems has significantly decreased. So, what exactly is holding you back from making this important investment in your business?

The many benefits of Cyber Garage and what it will save you in terms of dollars and cents, productivity, labor efficiency, etc., is well worth the monthly investment.

Its many features such as electronic vendor and customer communications, real-time update status messages to customers, and a real-time view of your company's financial position all help to raise your customer satisfaction index. When you consider all the benefits and the streamlining and efficiency improvements to your bottom line you will certainly agree that getting started today with your new Cyber Garage electronic management system is the best possible next step.

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The significance of monitoring KPI

Your KPIs give you a thorough assessment of your company’s past performance and future growth potential. Based on the data you gather and analyze, KPIs help you translate your business plan into manageable, operational actions.

  • They are a crucial part of the data required to best understand and manage the development of a company.
  • The potential power that comes from analyzing understanding performance data is not being utilized by many repair shop firms.
  • Beyond monthly financial records and reports, repair shops fall short in gathering reliable business data.
  • As a result, owners and managers will continue to base their judgments on intuition and educated guesses.
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The Cyber Garage Management System

This is a computerized database platform that gathers, condenses, and analyzes all kinds of data and information that can assist the company's managers. To streamline process and work more effectively. The management system is capable of handling information from additional business operations. Labor, parts, paint supplies, human resources, sales, internal inventory management, and web marketing are just a few examples. The management system works to continuously monitor the business' operations and performance; the various managers can utilize the data to gain a deeper understanding of the operations of their respective departments. The management system can be set up to generate reports on a monthly, weekly, or other schedule, and it can also be accessed to generate custom reports as needed.

What We Offer

  • User friendly dashboard
  • Employee Time Clock
  • Job Coasting Platform
  • Send Text Messages
  • KPI Reports
  • Send Emails
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Scheduled Customer
  • MSO Integrations
  • Customer Search
  • Accounts Receivables
  • And Much More!